Medical care

Personalized medical service, treating any pre-existing medical conditions in addition to preventive healthcare while keeping family members informed at all times.

24-hour nursing

24-hour nursing services provided by a team of nursing aides in charge of managing and administering medication, as well as analytical testing, electrocardiograms, etc...

Psychological care

We provide comprehensive psychological care, attending to the cognitive and emotional needs of residents both individually and in groups.

Socio-cultural Animation (TASOC)

Our socio-cultural animation team is in charge of organizing activities so that our residents become more involved and lead an active lifestyle.

Social work

We provide information and advisory services to both residents and their families about their rights and the social resources available as well as carrying out all the necessary paperwork and administrative tasks


Bespoke programmes for all types of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Staying healthy through group physical activity, relaxation techniques and pain relief.

Own kitchen facilities

Home-made food made fresh each day in all residential care facilities using fresh, seasonal and quality ingredients. No outside catering used. Adapting ourselves to the clinical requirements of each resident.

Nursing aides

A wonderful team of nursing aides are in charge of providing the highest levels of care and attention as they cater to the daily needs of our residents.


Optional service for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of different foot and ankle-related ailments.

Speech therapy

Optional service for the treatment of human communication complaints in the form of voice, speech and language ailments and disorders.

Hair salon

Optional service.

Emergency systems

Users are provided a device worn on their wrist with which they are able to alert staff should they require assistance.


All Solimar residential care facilities provide a Pharmacy Service that manages the prescriptions, in addition to overseeing and administering any prescribed medication.

Cleaning and laundry

All residential care facilities provide their own laundry service. Each resident is assigned a code for their clothes and this can be used to monitor and keep track of them.

Religious service

Residents are able to attend the Sacrament of Holy Communion or Eucharist services.