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All rooms are spacious, with ample natural light and equipped with the following:

  • Adjustable electric beds
  • Own bathroom
  • TV, WiFi and telephone
  • Emergency notification system and alarm devices
  • Individual wardrobe
  • Climate control, both hot and cold

*The rooms are double occupancy although individual rooms are also available should residents request one.

Yes, each centre is equipped with its own kitchen facilities. Our menus are designed by medical staff and dieticians and vary according to the time of year and the specific dietary needs of our residents.

Our social worker deals with all the necessary paperwork when applying for public funding:

  • State-funded places: Residential care services are financed by both the public administration AND residents. Means testing determines the actual fees that residents pay.
  • Benefit payments for care facility services: Benefit payments to cover the expenses of services at the facilities. These are determined by the official level of dependency and means testing. To be eligible to apply, residents must have a Level II dependency.

Yes, all our centres provide a 24-hour nursing service in addition to a qualified psychologist to attend to the needs of our residents.

Below is a list of the personal items residents should bring with them, although during the admission process new residents will be provided more detailed information.

– Changes of underwear

– Tights and/or socks

– Pyjamas and/or nightdresses

– Sets of comfortable shirts/blouses and trousers/skirts that residents are used to wearing.

– Shoes and slippers

– Personal hygiene products: toothbrush, recipient for dentures and any cleaning utensils, comb/brush, cologne and low-alcohol deodorants, shower/bath gel, shampoo, body lotion and toothpaste

– Electric razor

Our Day Centres are an ideal solution for elderly people who wish to continue living at home but who do not want to forego the therapies needed to ensure a good quality of life. Here is additional information about the services provided at our day centres.

Both types are available.

Yes. The menu is determined by different healthcare professionals such as doctors, dieticians and the manager. The cooks, auxiliary staff and kitchen coordinator also take part in this process so that all health, dietary and culinary requirements are taken into consideration. Furthermore, the preparation and serving of the menus are subject to regular monitoring by external laboratories.

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The number of places available varies from one centre to the next. The details can be seen below.


Yes, all residents wishing to do so can use the chapel and attend the services.

Fees are based on the state of health of the resident and their level of dependency. Our social worker is on hand to provide detailed information about our fees.

Certain services are not included in the fees. Hair salon and chiropody services, for instance, are not included although residents are able to take advantage of discounted rates.

  • Originals of your ID and SIP (Spanish Health Card).
  • Latest medical report and course of treatment for any medication prescribed.
  • Photocopy of the first page of the libreta (bank book).
  • If you are a life insurance policy holder, a photocopy of the insurance policy and the latest receipt.
  • A wash bag (comb, cologne, toothbrush or any denture cleaning products, etc.).
  • Comfortable clothing that is normally worn and is easy to wash (WE DO NOT RECOMMEND WOOLEN CLOTHING AS IT TENDS TO SHRINK WHEN WASHED) and a sufficient number of changes of clothes, depending on the needs and requirements of each resident. Clothes should be duly labelled (name tags sown on).

Yes, residents are able to smoke in designated areas. Nevertheless, any tobacco and lighters must be kept at reception.

To favour social integration and to maintain both social and family networks, we recommend and encourage visits on any day.

We provide very flexible visiting times, between 10 am and 8:30 pm. We do however suggest that guests do not visit during mealtimes or rest periods so as not to interfere with the schedule of residents.

The centre has an open-door policy whereby the more self-reliant residents are able to come and go at will. Residents with a higher degree of dependency are able to take part in outings organized by the centre’s TASOC staff or accompanied by family and friends.

For long-term residents, a direct debit is set up with the bank and monthly fees are charged to the account at the start of each month. For other types of stay, two payment methods are available, direct debit or bank transfer, whichever is more convenient.

The centre boasts a multidisciplinary team that is on hand as soon as residents arrive to provide them assistance and guidance at all times. Residential care facility professionals include the following: medical and nursing services available 24 hours a day, TASOC staff (social, cultural and recreational activities, cognitive stimulation, occupational therapy, etc.), psychologist and social worker (psycho-social care), physiotherapy (daily rehab), their own 24-hour medical and nursing service (healthcare 365 days of the year), nutritionist, religious service and comprehensive accommodation services (own kitchen and laundry services).

Hair salon and chiropody services are also available should residents wish to use them.

Self-sufficient residents who are able to manage their own affairs are able to hold on to their own money to pay for incidental expenses. Nevertheless, residents are not recommended to keep carry large quantities of money with them.

For appointments with specialists and medical transfers, the family is in charge of accompanying them. Nevertheless, the residential care facility can provide this service at an additional cost if given prior notice.